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You come to Lourdes with a group of young ...

Itinerary 2016 "Groups in Lourdes"


1. The  Youth  and  Family  Service  of  the  Sanctuary can  assist  you  in  preparing  the  pastoral  approach  of your pilgrimage to Lourdes. Contact us on +33 (0)5 62 42 78 38 
2.  The next step is for you to  book  your  ‘activities’ (those  offered  by  the  Sanctuary  or  those  organised  by  you).  In  this  context, ‘activities’ refers  to  activities  in  the  Sanctuary  during  your  pilgrimage  (prayer gatherings, liturgy, spiritual guidance, catecheses etc.) if these activities require
a specific place, or a person to assist you. To book your ‘activities’, please use the new online booking service:

For  enquiries  and  information,  go  to  the  Sanctuary’s  planning  service:  +33 (0)5 62 42 79 02

2016 : Jubilee of Mercy

2016 : Jubilee of Mercy

2016 is a special year because Pope Francis has proclaimed it a Jubilee of Mercy.