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2016 : Jubilee of Mercy

Logo Jubilé extraordinaire de la Miséricorde

2016 is a special year because Pope Francis has proclaimed it a Jubilee of Mercy. This Jubilee started on  8  December  2015  on  the  solemnity  of  the Immaculate Conception, and will close on Sunday the Feast of Christ the King 2016.

By  decree  of Mgr  Brouwet, The Sanctuary of Lourdes is an official centre for the Jubilee. A Door of Mercy was consequently  opened  on  8 December.  Throughout the Jubilee, it will be the sign and the entrance to the places in the Sanctuary where you may experience the love of God who consoles, pardons and instils hope.

To live out this special year of grace, a leaflet – ‘The Jubilee Path’ - specially
written  for  young  people  and families, will be available at the Information  Centre  or  the  Door  of  Mercy at the Sanctuary. It will help you make the  most  of  the  important  stages  of  your  Jubilee pilgrimage as recommended by the Pope, in particular when embracing mercy in the Sacrament  of   Reconciliation  –  the  Sacrament  of  mercy  par  excellence.  This  Jubilee
should also help us to become “Merciful like the Father” and live out the Beatitude of Mercy – “Happy the merciful: they shall have mercy shown them”.

Lourdes is also a special place to encounter divine Mercy. Through the grace of the  Apparitions  to  Bernadette,  the  Virgin  Mary  demonstrated her great care for us, poor sinners. Her exhortation  fully  expresses  this:  "Pray  God  for  the  conversion of sinners". This year, as she did for Bernadette, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy shows us the way towards the merciful Heart of Jesus. She invites us to discover and embrace Mercy through encountering the love of God, in the Eucharist, confession and personal prayer.
Once we have embraced mercy, we can draw on it and allow it to flow through us  by  spiritual  and  corporal  (or  living)  works  of  Mercy:  during  our  pilgrimage  to Lourdes  we  are  already  invited  to  carry  out  certain  acts,  to  perform  some  works  of mercy (i.e.: pray for sinners, visit the sick in the Accueil ND, ‘visit’ a person living alone by sending them a postcard, help out in the Sanctuary…)


Entering through the Door of Mercy is an important step for opening our hearts to the
grace  of  the  Jubilee.  It  is  a  free  and  individual  decision  which  demonstrates  our
personal  desire  to  welcome  the gift  of  God  and  to  commit  ourselves  to  the path  of
Mercy.  By  entering  through  the  Door,  each  person  will  “experience  the  love of  God
who consoles, pardons and instils hope”. (Pope Francis)
To enter the Door of Mercy as a group:
•  Reservation  is  obligatory  on  /  reservation@lourdes- / +33 (0)5 62 42 79 02
•  A  rite  of  passage  through  the  Door  is  provided  by  the  Sanctuary.  It  can  be
downloaded from the site
•  Duration: 30 minutes 
“This is the opportune moment to change our lives! This is the time to allow our hearts to be
touched!”  (Pope Francis)