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Coming as a sick or disabled pilgrim

I would like to stay in the Accueil Notre-Dame...


Diocesan or national pilgrimages

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Individual pilgrims

Ambiance festive au coeur de l'accueil Notre-Dame, dans les Sanctuaires de Lourdes

Designed in the form of open arms like the Rosary Basilica the Accueil Notre-Dame reminds us that, in Lourdes, everyone is made welcome and cared for.

The Accueil Notre-Dame is neither a hotel nor a hospital. It is exclusively reserved for the sick and disabled pilgrims as well as those who accompany them.Situated in the within the Sanctuary, the Accueil Notre-Dame has an atmosphere of peace and calm. All around is greenery, fountain and flowerbeds border the bank of the Gave

In the Accueil Notre-Dame the meeting areas guarantee a peaceful and friendly stay. Many of the open areas are furnished. Two panoramic terraced- roof areas allow pilgrims to meet and to converse in a friendly atmosphere.

The two chapels allow people to pray or hold liturgies. The spacious rooms that contain from one to six beds (with specially adapted toilets and showers) allow the sick or disabled every possible comfort. Each room has an oxygen supply and each bed is fitted with an alarm bell. There is a bedroom reserved for the doctor on call in each unit as well as basic treatment rooms. Meals are varied and adapted to national tastes as well as special diets. They are served in the eight dining rooms of the Accueil or in the bedrooms for those who are unable to move.

Accueil Notre-Dame
Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes
65108 Lourdes Cedex
Tél : +33 (0)5 62 42 80 61
Fax : +33 (0)5 62 42 79 48
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If you are a pilgrim ill or disabled

Bienvenue au service d'accueil des personnes handicapées, à Lourdes

You come alone or with family? The Disability Service welcomes you. This service is a space in the Sanctuary led by the OCH (Christian Board of disabled people), which provides:
- A café, a moment of friendship
- Listening, personalized support
- Advice for your pilgrimage to Lourdes, taking into account the different disabilities (mental, physical, sensory or psychological)
- Loans of wheelchairs
- A weekly attendance of a person engaging in Sign Language (LSF).
- A tactile model of the Sanctuary ...



Some examples of questions you can ask yourself ...

* My 44 years old husband is invalid. We want to come to Lourdes. How are things?
* We live in Canada. We have three days in Lourdes with family, my wife suffering from Lou     Gehrig's disease. We want a personalized  warm, and with a priest.
 * Our son goes to Lourdes schizophrenic. What can you offer him?
 * I accompanied a group of deaf people to Lourdes. What can we live?
 * I come to Lourdes with a young Down syndrome. How to teach him  the message Bernadette?

L'entrée du service d'accueil des personnes handicapées, à LourdesReception Centre for people with disabilities and their families - OCH
Porte Saint-Michel 65100 Lourdes
Tél : + 33 (0)05 62 42 79 92
Open : 9h30- 12h et 14h-18h (except Sunday and Monday morning)
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OCH official website :