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The little house of Bernadette

dessinatricesThe little house of Bernadette is situated in the Sanctuary and is open during the holidays to discover the message of Lourdes. There you'll find a wide range of free games and activities for your children from 2 to 12 years old.

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what is the house of Bernadette ?

Bernadette was living in a very small house. Only one room, which was 4 on 3. A lot of people have come and visited Bernadette in her little house to make her tell her story and to talk about Mary, the mother of Jesus.


what happensJeu de l'oie dans la petite maison de Bernadette there?

Bernadette loved to play. In her little house, Bernadette has prepared games for all ages. For those who can read and those who can't yet. In the little house, you can listen to the story of Bernadette. You can sing and draw. What Bernadette loved more than anything else, that was praying. She'll teach you.


What are my parents going to do during this time ?

They have to stay with you if you want to come to the little house of Bernadette. This place is for all the family. Your parents are going to play with you and teach you a lot of things. It's the same if you come with your grandfather or your aunt.

I've got a sister. too young to know how to play. who will take care of her?

Bernadette loved to take care of her young brothers. In the little house, your parents will find a nursery.

My parents will get bored. Maybe they would like to meet other adults.

It's possible.Fortunately, there are many spaces in the little house of Bernadette. In one of these rooms, your parents can talk to persons able to listen to them and give them advice.