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To confess

Sacrement de la réconciliation à Lourdes

In Lourdes, the Virgin Mary  has called for the conversion of the heart. That's why the Chapel of the Reconciliation is visited by so many people recovering peace. In Lourdes, priests celebrate this sacrament, every day, at the Reconciliation Chapel.



It is difficult to forgive: to love, to forgive, to share with the person who has betrayed us, hurt us, deceived us. The admission of our faults is never easy. But once our frailty and our weaknesses are acknowledged, God offers each of us a focus. Celebrating the Sacrament of reconciliation gives us peace and inner tranquillity. It is often followed by a feeling of deep inner spiritual calm. God calls us to himself, to unload our burdens on Him. In return, He consoles and comforts us without judgement or criticism. In Confession the priest continues this journey begun by Jesus Christ.

In the Sanctuary, the Chapel of the Confession (also called Chapel of the Reconciliation) is situated just after the right ramp of the basilica Our-Lady of the Rosary,on the side of the esplanade of the processions.