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Rosary: the mysteries

Mosaïque représentant la naissance du Christ, basilique Notre-Dame du Rosaire

The prayer of Bernadette is as simple as her life. It comes from silence. Her prayer has nothing to do with a great speech. At the time of the Apparitions, she only knows the "Our Father", the «Hail Mary» and the «Glory be to the Father». She finally knows all what she has to know to pray the Rosary. And that's what the Virgin Mary asked her during every Apparition.


The Rosary is the object of piety that has been the permanent link between Bernadette and the Virgin Mary to meditate the fundamental events linked to the life of Jesus-Christ, in other words, pray the Rosary


The events of the prayer of the Rosary are divided in four groups of five mysteries :

  1. The joyful mysteries: the annunciation of Mary's pregnancy,the meeting with Elisabeth pregnant with John the Baptist,the birth of Jesus, his presentation in the temple Temple, his first teaching in the Temple.
  2. The mysteries of light : the baptism at the jordan, the wedding at Cana, the predication, the transfiguration, the iinstitution of the Eucharist.
  3. The sorrowful mysteries : Jesus in anxiety at Gethsemani, the flogging, the crowning with thorns, the ascent to Calvary, his death on the cross.
  4. The glorious mysteries : the Resurrection, the ascent of Jesus, the Pentecost, the Assumption of Mary, the crowning of Mary.

A Rosary beads is made up of five decades , every decade corresponding to a mystery.