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Pèlerins en prière devant le Saint-Sacrement, dans la basilique Saint-Pie X

Adoration is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving, that is, thanking and acknowledging God for his goodness to everyone.

The Eucharistic Adoration daily takes place  in the Sanctuary of Lourdes, at different hours and places depending on the year. Forget your burdens and your pride, your successes and your failures, remain calm and confident, seated or on your knees, knowing that God is there listening and speaking to us.

The catholic catechism explains what the Eucharistic Adoration is: "It's the first attitude of the man who recognizes he's a creature in front of his creator. It's the adoration of the "Glorious King" (ps 24, 9-10) and the respectful silence in front of God, the "always greater" (St Augustine).