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Center of the Assumption

Centre Assomption de LourdesThe Center of the Assumption belongs to the nuns for over 125 years. A Community of 10 Sisters lives year-round the Center.


The Center is on an exceptional site: facing the sanctuaries and overlooking the mountains. Less than 10 minutes from the center, you can reach the sanctuaries thanks to our private path. A large park of 2 ha surrounds the House and each one can relax and enjoy the nature with a view on the Pyrenees, the Grotto and the town of Lourdes.

Some History

Founded in 1839 by Blessed Marie-Eugénie Milleret (June 3rd, 2007, canonized by the Pope Benoit XVI). The Sisters of the Assumption( International Congregation) are currently 1156 present on  4 continents, in 33 countries and 158 Communities.

Its mission

The Association “Centre Assomption” was born from the desire of Nuns and friends of the Assumption to share the joy of knowing and loving Jesus-Christ and his Church. Moreover, they are taking advantage of living in front of the Grotto of Massabielle.

The team

The Center is staffed by a team of laypeople and nuns of the Assumption

Volunteer Center Assumption

The voluntary work concerns all age brackets. The deal is: 24 hours’ work within a week (make the dishes, service, and room’ cleaning, gardening, and small DIY, home IT, secretarial….). The volunteer benefits of accommodation and can have the rest of his time enjoying the life of the community, being with our guests or going to the sanctuaries. It’s often the opportunity to take time to read (the House has a beautiful library) and for oneself, to reflect on the direction of his own life, Give oneself or restore his breath. The Center can host up to 5 volunteers, at the same time, over the same period.  


Centre Assomption
21 Avenue A BEGUERE
65100 Lourdes

0033 (0)5 62 94 39 81