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En ville, les panneaux n'indiquent pas « Sanctuaire » mais « Grotte ». La Grotte ! C'est là qu'il faut se rendre, faire halte et demeurer. Juste le temps d'observer. Le temps de contempler.
the hospitaliers of Lourdes have been the faithful artisans of the answer made to Our Lady’s request to "come in procession". Their voluntary work in the service of the pilgrims is without doubt one of the most evocative witnesses to the vitality of the Message of Lourdes.
From 15th to 17th May the 57th Inter­national Military Pilgrimage will gather 12 000 military personnel from 36 countries. It is presided over by Mgr Luc Ravel, Bishop for the French ar­mies and under the direction of the Chaplain, Father Arnault Berrone. Its theme : "What have you done with your brother?"
Step to take, probably unique in the world, is to bathe in the Sanctuary Baths. At the request of the Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, Mgr. Brouwet, the opening times of the Baths have been extend ed to enable the greatest number of people to go there.
the Catholic television EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) retransmits a med­itated Rosary in English, given by a Chaplain of Lourdes, from the Grotto every Sunday.
9th April 2015 : Over 5,000+ members of HCPT, the Irish Pilgrimage Trust, and other international groups come together in the Underground Basilica of the Shrine of Lourdes, for celebration of the Trust Mass.
The Grotto of Lourdes was reopened to the pilgrims on Thursday 2nd April 2015 after several months of construction works as part of the Project of the Grotto, the Heart of Lourdes.
For nearly 60 years, H.C.P.T. has enabled thousands of disabled children, mainly from the UK and Ireland, to ex­perience a week of joy. Thursday Trust Mass: live on TV Lourdes.