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Jean Zune is an organist in the Sanctuary of Lourdes. He shares with us the permanent and active grace he experiences when he contemplates the spring that flows in the Grotto of the apparitions.
Timelapse: January 11, 2016.Photographer: Pierre Vincent.
December 8, 2015: opening of the Jubilee Door in the Sanctuary of Lourdes
Prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee
LOURDES, Diary of Grace #3 "I had lost millions" - Steffen Pfeiffer
If you have personally received a grace (blessing or gift, healing, spiritual or physical) in Lourdes or in relation to Lourdes / you have heard of such graces received for someone else: send us your (their) testimony.
The parish church of the Sacred Heartof Lourdes, opened in 1903, containsvestiges of the history of Lourdes andBernadette: the baptismal font where shewas baptized on 9 January 1844, and thetomb of Mgr Peyramale, Curé of Lourdesat the time of the Apparitions, who diedon 8 September 1877.
From 15 to 18 October, the gathering "Loyola XXI" will bring together, in the Sanctuary of Lourdes, students from fourteen French Jesuits schools.