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A stunning 90 second video shot from a drone, showing the Sanctuary of Lourdes and the Grotto of the Apparitions from a totally new perspective. Splendid views, rich in emotion. To be watched and shared without moderation.
Dear hospitaliers, we're pleased to offer you the 38th Lettre de l'Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes. We hope you enjoy reading.
For the Feast of Assumption, a new proposal was made to Lourdes web-pilgrims who wish to send a prayer intention: TV Lourdes, the web-TV of the Sanctuary, offers an opportunity to all those who wish, via Facebook, to broadcast their prayer intentions on the chanel.
During this year of Mercy the Sanctuary of Lourdes would like to get in touch with all those who, throughout the world, carry the name of Lourdes, of the Grotto of Massabielle or of Saint Bernadette: people, schools, communities or institutions. It seems to us that the very name gives us a mission: to share, with the world at large, the taste of the spring which gushes forth from the hollow of the rock, the taste of rebirth.
By asking Bernadette to “go and tell the Priests”, the Virgin Mary placed them at the very centre of her message. The priests of the Sanctuary – the Chaplains - are there to welcome you and assist you in your pilgrimage.
Euro 2016 is in France, Europe is in Lourdes...
During your visit to Lourdes, you will no doubt go to the Grotto of the Apparitions in the Sanctuary. During the Pilgrimage season, priests, religious Brothers and Sisters, volunteers, and employees of the Sanctuary work there in shifts from 5.00 am to midnight.
Charlie comes from London (England). He has experienced the grace of Lourdes.