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LOURDES The Diary of Grace #10 "Truly the revelation was as much spiritual as professional " - Marine

Journal des grâces

Marine témoigneMarine, from the diocese of Le Havre (France), gives an enthusiastic account of the way in which her life  was changed, both from a spiritual and a professional point of view, during a visit to Lourdes.


Marine: "Basically I come from an atheist family. I discovered Lourdes and religion at the same time through a friend who was in the same BTS class. She made me discover all that. It’s true that when I arrived I was searching. I really was already looking for something. I was gradually discovering I sometimes went to Mass etc. but, really, I hadn’t found what I was looking for. It’s true that when I arrived here… I found myself working with others in the spirit of the message of Lourdes. I learnt humility, great humility. I learnt what the spirit of team work was in general, because really I think we all have it to some degree but here it’s the true spirit, and I really felt good as part of all this, it really nourished me from a spiritual point of view and that’s why, just afterwards, I asked to be baptised! the pilgrimage wasn’t yet over when I called my mother and said to her:“Listen, Mum, I’m going to give up my BTS”. “No, no, no, no, no!” I explained to her that I had found what I wanted to do in my life. I wanted to work with people who needed me. Whether they are disabled or sick didn’t matter. I really wanted to be with people who needed me. I felt this would fulfil my daily professional life. I changed my professional orientation. I gave up communication to work hands-on with disabled children. Truly the revelation was as much spiritual as professional. I would say that the grace of Lourdes is in what we do and what we receive. In fact, that’s exactly it: I would say that the grace of Lourdes is in the fact that, even when we give, we also receive 20 times, 30 times, if not more! I think that there are little miracles every day, every day we experience things we don’t expect at all! I think that this is also why we always come back to Lourdes. Because there is… there is a grace every day!"

If you have received a grace in connection with Lourdes, or have been a witness to such a grace, you may send your testimony to this email address: