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The testimony of Stéphanie who comes on a regular basis to serve the sick and disabled pilgrims in Lourdes with the Hospitality of Le Havre (France).
Phase 2 of the Project of the Grotto, the Heart of Lourdes has started. This video report was shot on Wednesday 11th January 2017. It is the first one of a serie produced in relation to this second phase of the works.
Colloquium - 10/13 February 2017 « The Magnificat, Cantical of Hope » On the 25th World Day of the SickInscription online will be available on the 19th of december
Marie-Françoise came to Lourdes as a guest on the French Rosary Pilgrimage with her 13 year old son Vincent who was born with a heart defect. She testifies here to the blessings inherent to the Lourdes pilgrimage and also to all the graces received on a daily basis.
LOURDES NEWS n°25 (October) is online. Good reading !
LOURDES The Diary of Grace : n°8 (october 2016)
A stunning 90 second video shot from a drone, showing the Sanctuary of Lourdes and the Grotto of the Apparitions from a totally new perspective. Splendid views, rich in emotion. To be watched and shared without moderation.
Dear hospitaliers, we're pleased to offer you the 38th Lettre de l'Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes. We hope you enjoy reading.