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L'intégralité (textes et vidéos) des interventions du colloque de Lourdes 2017 : « Le Magnificat, Cantique de l’Espérance »
The testimony of Stéphanie who comes on a regular basis to serve the sick and disabled pilgrims in Lourdes with the Hospitality of Le Havre (France).
Phase 2 of the Project of the Grotto, the Heart of Lourdes has started. This video report was shot on Wednesday 11th January 2017. It is the first one of a serie produced in relation to this second phase of the works.
Colloquium - 10/13 February 2017 « The Magnificat, Cantical of Hope » On the 25th World Day of the SickInscription online will be available on the 19th of december
Marie-Françoise came to Lourdes as a guest on the French Rosary Pilgrimage with her 13 year old son Vincent who was born with a heart defect. She testifies here to the blessings inherent to the Lourdes pilgrimage and also to all the graces received on a daily basis.
LOURDES NEWS n°25 (October) is online. Good reading !
LOURDES The Diary of Grace : n°8 (october 2016)
A stunning 90 second video shot from a drone, showing the Sanctuary of Lourdes and the Grotto of the Apparitions from a totally new perspective. Splendid views, rich in emotion. To be watched and shared without moderation.