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What is mercy

Pape François I

It is not because a word seems to have disappeared from our vocabulary that it’s essence or it’s reality have also been erased. Indeed what would our world be if it was left to itself without  mercy, that is to say without  forgiveness , without generosity and without love ? Mercy is all of  that.  And even more so as it comes from God as revealed by His Son, Jesus Christ by associating himself to sinners, by being close to the small and humble, to those who suffer and those who lack hope.

To each one of us, Our Lord Jesus reveals the overabundance of God’s love: not only does God love me but he wants to find my lost dignity. God does not condemn me in my wrongdoings  nor ostracize me in what I have suffered. It is now time for each of us to be merciful towards others, to help them get up, it’s now their turn to get back on their feet.