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What is a jubilee


Le pape François saluant de jeunes pèlerinsLast March, Pope Francois announced that a special Jubilee Year of Mercy will take place from 8th December 2015 to 20th November 2016. "Mercy is the key word of the Gospel, we can say that it is the "face" of Christ, the face which he revealed when he went out to meet the peoples, (…) ... and especially when, nailed to the cross, He showed forgiveness. Here, we see the face of Divine Mercy at work. The Lord calls us to be "channels" of this love, most especially towards the poorest in our world, who are the privileged ones in His eyes. Allow yourself to continually be tested by the situations of fragility and poverty with which you are in contact, and seek to adequately provide the testimony of charity that the spirit spreads in your hearts (cf. Rm 5, 5 ".  During this Holy Year the Shrine of Lourdes, a place of jubilee, shall invite everyone to live the pilgrimage of Mercy.