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Saint Joseph Service

This service welcomes pilgrims in the various places they pass through during their stay in Lourdes.

Its principal activities :

  • reception of sick pilgrims at the station or airport on arrival and departure and transfering them to and from the centres where they are accommodated
  • organisation and marshalling of ceremonies
  • maintaining an orderly and prayerful atmosphere at the Grotto
  • welcoming all pilgrims at the entrance to the Baths
  • helping pilgrims who make their Act of Faith through the Sign of Water inside the men’s baths

In service a sensible and respectful dress code is required : e.g. shorts and cut-away trousers are not permitted.

For ceremonies : dark grey or black trousers, white or pale blue shirt, HNDL tie, blazer or dark jacket.

“Grotto” dress code

Hospitaliers: dark trousers, white or light blue shirt, HNDL service tie, navy blue blazer or dark jacket.
Hospitalières: white overall over skirt (no trousers), HNDL belt (HNDL scarf when it becomes available), navy blue “dossard” or HNDL gilet.

“Service” dress code

Hospitaliers: dark trousers, white or light blue shirt, HNDL service tie, HNDL gilet or navy blue “dossard” (possibly light blue for the Marian Procession).
Hospitalières : same as the “Grotto” dress code.

”Baths– Station – Airport” dress code

Hospitaliers: long trousers (no shorts or similar), discreet shirt (no multicoloured shirts or T shirts), HNDL gilet or “dossard” or high visibility vest (airport).
Hospitalières: trousers or skirt, HNDL gilet or “dossard” or safety vest (airport).

All service “Responsables” must strictly comply with the “Grotto” dress code 
Hospitaliers(ères)  in service inside the Grotto must follow the “Grotto” dress code
Hospitaliers(ères) in service on the outside Grotto, Ceremonies, outside the Baths, Accueil Notre-Dame and Accueil Saint Frai must conform as a minimum to the “Service” dress code.

Currently in charge : Bernard Gladin