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How can you become a Hospitalier ?

We in the "Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes" (HNDL) will be delighted to welcome you if you can join us in voluntary service :

  • Ladies : within the Notre Dame Service, the Saint John the Baptist Service, the Marie Saint Frai Service or the Saint Michel Service
  • Gentlemen : within the Saint Joseph Service or the Saint Michel Service.

To be accepted for your first stage (period of voluntary service with us) you must :

  • Be at least 18 years old and no more than 75 (at the discretion of the person in charge of the service)
  • Complete and send in the stage application form (this is available from the secretariat or can be competed and sent in via the internet)
  • Send us an id photo
  • Attach a photocopy of your passport
  • Supply a letter of recommendation, either from the President of your diocesan / pilgrimage hospitalité or a priest in your diocese (compulsory for the St John the Baptist Service) or from an existing member of the HNDL.

You have to pay an annual subscription (the cotisation), currently 10 euros during the first four years of stage then 17 euros in subsequent years for hospitaliers (full members). This entitles you to be part of the HNDL, to receive copies of the Hospitalité newsletter and also means that you are insured while carrying out your duties with the Hospitalité.

A stage should last a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 15 days.

For your first four years of service we strongly advise that you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, since there is an induction programme of formation and training which begins early on Monday.  On completion of your fourth year of service on stage you can, if you wish, apply to become a hospitalier (a full member of HNDL) by making your engagement (a commitment to regular service).

Service in Lourdes is completely voluntary & unpaid and you must be able to pay for your own travel costs, accommodation and meals. However, to keep these outgoings to a minimum for you, the HNDL does provide a self-service restaurant, accommodation centres and a social club (the foyer) which you are welcome to use.

Each year around 8,500 volunteers come to serve with us – so why don’t you join them?
A warm welcome awaits you !

What you must do if you wish to make your « Engagement » (commitment)

After 4 years of service on « stage », and if you have completed all  the formation specific to each year of service, you can apply to make your « engagement » - a commitment to regular service within HNDL.

You must therefore  :

  • obtain a copy of the yellow form « request for admission to HNDL » by asking for it at the office of your Service
  • fill in the front page yourself and ask others (as indicated on the form) to fill in their parts of the back page
  • attach a copy of your baptismal certificate or, for priests and religious, the written authorisation of your religious superior (Bishop, Abbot, Mother Superior ….)
  • send your application to  :
    HNDL - B.P. 197 - 65106 LOURDES Cedex

before the end of September  if you wish to make your « engagement » the following year.