A vocation: welcoming the Sick

The sorrow of this world is immense. When in Lourdes, there is a heightened awareness of this. There are broken hearts and wounded bodies. There are visible and invisible sufferings, describable and indescribable.

And yet… and yet the Kingdom of God is there among us. One sees it in the everyday holiness shown by parents for their children, children for their parents, the volunteers for the Sick, the sick for their carers, the priests for the penitents…

The wonder of Lourdes is infinite for those who wish to see it. Lourdes is a place of humanity, a place of brotherhood, a place where you are invited to leave behind your finery to concentrate on what is essential: to serve your neighbour and encounter God. Volunteers offer their love freely to the sick or disabled persons who come to Lourdes and the sick offer their “yes” to their carers in return. We see it in attentive gestures, the watchful eye, the shared smiles, the caring hands. To receive the most vulnerable pilgrims in the best possible conditions, the Sanctuary has built the Accueils Notre Dame and Marie Saint-Frai.

You too, through the internet, can participate in welcoming sick and disabled pilgrims to Lourdes.

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