A challenge: to make the greatest number of people aware of the grace of Lourdes

When I see and share the experiences of pilgrims in the Sanctuary, I can only say: How beautiful are your works!

Yes, as Monsignor Nicolas Brouwet, our Bishop said: “Lourdes is a corner of heaven that has touched the earth so that all the pilgrims may experience the closeness, the loving tenderness and the joy of God, of which Mary is the face and the servant”.

Monsignor Nicolas Brouwet, on 11 February 2014, gave his Orientations for the Sanctuary of Lourdes. He described his vision of the mission of the Sanctuary for the years to come in a booklet entitled: “Serving the joy of the guests”.

He gives the main guidelines for the future of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes: to proclaim the Gospel; to take up the challenge of internationalization; to facilitate prayer and meditation by carrying out the “Grotto Project, heart of Lourdes”; to facilitate conviviality by making space available for the various Church Movements within reach of the various places of worship; to stabilise the finances of the Sanctuary.

By implementing these missions, the Sanctuary participates in the broader vision of the Church

Pope Francis, when proclaiming the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, reminded us of the preponderant role of the pilgrimage in the life of every Christian. The Sanctuaries are places abounding in grace where pilgrims may find a path of conversion.

The project of the Sanctuary is a project for the pilgrims, for you and the Church. The implementation of the guidelines defined by our Bishop, the response to the call of the Church, the wishes of the pilgrimage Directors and the pilgrims, is only possible by your support for our work.

Help us to carry out our mission.

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