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Flood Solidarity 2013


Floods:  what we are doing thanks to your gifts...

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Mgr BrouwetJune 18, 2014 A year to the day after the flood of June 18, 2013, Bishop Nicolas Brouwet, Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, sent an email to all those and all those who helped by their generosity material and spiritual, to the Sanctuary to get on its feet.

"On the 18th June 2013, the Sanctuary of Lourdes was flooded. A year after we started to repair, we started to protect the Sanctuary and we are pleased to welcome you here. I would like to thank you for the support you have given us, for your prayers for all your messages of encouragement,  for the generosity you have shown which allows us to face up to all the work. The floods showed us three things. The first lesson : we were vulnerable and that we cannot rely on our technical resources, on our technology to accommodate the pilgrims. The key is not there. The important thing is to bring the pilgrims to the grotto and tell them the message of Lourdes. The second lesson is that we depend on you. We realized that if there had not been for your generosity, if there had not been all these gifts, we would not have been able to rebuild. And it is important that we become aware of that. You were generous, you have been there, present, you have shown how you hold the Sanctuary in your heart. And this is a lesson that is important for us because we know we can count on you and your friendship, and support has warmed our heart. The third lesson I have learned is that everyone who works at the Sanctuary, whether employees or volunteers really have the service of pilgrims at heart. When tested, we focus on what is most important. And what has brought us all together at this time, when we had to roll up our sleeves, when we had to think about the future,  was that, basically, we wanted to be at the service of pilgrims, working for the joy of pilgrims coming to Lourdes. And I think that, at least for myself, it has greatly influenced me because I realized that it was really something on which the Sanctuary was based: the service of those Mary draws to Herself, here in Lourdes. Thank you and welcome for your next pilgrimage! "

Bishop Nicolas Brouwet in Lourdes, June 18, 2014

La porte blindéeJune 2014 A watertight door was placed at the entrance of the control room to protect the technical installations of the audiovisual control area (basilica St Pius X).


Voir la vidéo du chantierTuesday, January 14, 2014:  A major civil engineering operation in the sanctuary. It was a question of removing a part of the "Twin" bridge damaged during the never to be forgotten Gave River flood June 2013.

Watch our video




Voir la vidéo9th October 2013 This video which was made on the 8 and 9 October shows the works involved in strengthening the banks of the Lourdes Sanctuary  left bank near St Michael's Gate on a bend in the river Gave de Pau.  A large portion of the bank had been taken away by the waters during the rise of the water level of the Gave River in June 2013. The workers were busy digging the foundations of the future wall which will protect the bank (8 October) before the concrete is flowing to make a base. This concrete slab will serve as a solid base for further repairs on the river bank.

See the video "Working on the reconstruction of the river bank of the Sanctuary, act 2"

Voir la vidéo1st October 2013 This video, recorded with the comments in "off" (position?) of Sébastien Maysounave, in charge of the Sanctuary of Lourdes works, gives a  report on (si c'est mise a jour je dirai  gives an update on)  all the works to be done as part of the reconstruction after the flood in the River Gave in June 2013 that caused such serious damage, not only in Lourdes  but also in the valleys upstream.  The amount of the damage for the Sanctuary is 7.3 million Euros. All reconstruction works  related to the paths,  walks around the Sanctuary are the full responsibility of the Sanctuary, the insurance is not giving anything.

See the video "7.3 million Euros: the total amount of the damage to the Sanctuary of Lourdes"

Voir la vidéo30th September 2013 This video, recorded on 30th September, 2013 in the Sanctuary of Lourdes, shows the work of Arnaud and Jean-Claude: in charge if their mechanical digger, they carry out a detour in the flow of the  Gave River in order to allow, for the second time, the placing of cofferdams  to allow the work of reinforcement on the river bank of the Sanctuary which was partially washed away  during the flood of June 18th, 2013.

See the video "Reconstruction work on the river bank of the Sanctuary, act 1"


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Thank you for your generosity and messages of support.

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