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Feast of the Assumption: your prayer intention broadcast on TV Lourdes


This year, for the Feast of Assumption, a new proposal was made to Lourdes web-pilgrims who wish to send a prayer intention: TV Lourdes, the web-TV of the Sanctuary, offers an opportunity to all those who wish, via Facebook, to broadcast their prayer intentions on the chanel. Their intentions clearly appear one after the other, on the bottom of the screen, accompanied by Facebook photo profiles during the live broadcasts of TV Lourdes.

Online form

The broadcast of prayer intentions on TV Lourdes will begin on 14 August, at 6.30 PM. It will finish 24 hours later, on the morning of Thursday, 16 August. 

The aim of the operation is not only to pray for each other, but also to be aware of the spiritual communion that unites so many people who love Our Lady of Lourdes on all continents

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I wish to participate in the operation "My prayer intention on TV Lourdes"

A Facebook account is required.

1 - Visit the page dedicated to the operation:

Online form

2 – Connect with your Facebook account and accept the terms and conditions, in particular to allow the use of your profile photo that will appear next to your prayer intention.

3 - Write your prayer intention in the reserved area (limited number of characters). Prayer intentions must be proper, and respectful of the dignity and anonymity of those for whom you want to pray (for example, never put a family name).

4 - "Confirm". It's done.

The Lourdes TV team undertakes to broadcast the maximum possible number of prayer intentions received via Facebook.

Regardless of Lourdes TV, all intentions submitted will be posted in a dedicated area where it will be possible to read them.