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LOURDES, Diary of Grace #3 - Steffen Pfeiffer : "I had lost millions"

Steffen PfeifferLOURDES, Diary of Grace #3 "I had lost millions" - Steffen Pfeiffer

Steffen Pfeiffer : "I was exhausted. I’d lost millions of euros of savings. During this pilgrimage, with this "interlude" to Lourdes, yes, I realised that it is not important to have millions, it is important to choose to wake up every morning thinking good thoughts – in a "good mood" as the Americans say – and to choose to rejoice, that is the gift that Lourdes gave to me. A final word for Lourdes : "Lourdes I love you. I will continue to love you. I simply love you." Right here, it’s marvelous! It’s where I belong!


Testimony collection: how to take part

If you have personally received a grace (blessing or gift, healing, spiritual or physical) in Lourdes or in relation to Lourdes / you have heard of such graces received for someone else:

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