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Launch of testimony collection on Lourdes: we want to hear from you!

GrâceFollowing the initiative of Monseigneur Nicolas Brouwet, Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, and Father André Cabes, Rector of the Sanctuary, a Diary of Grace was created on the 8th December, for the moment taking the form of a weekly video (from February, it will be also in paper format). The idea is to collect testimonies of personal experiences of graces received from and in relation to Lourdes with the objective of publishing them in the Diary of Grace to show what a visit to Lourdes could bring to someone. People from every continent are invited to participate.


Here are the first videos from the Diary of Grace

Testimony collection: how to take part

If you have personally received a grace (blessing or gift, healing, spiritual or physical) in Lourdes or in relation to Lourdes / you have heard of such graces received for someone else:

Send us your (their) testimony by e-mail or by post to: Journal des Grâces, Sanctuaire Notre-Dame, 1 avenue Mgr Théas 65108 Lourdes Cedex

If the testimony is selected to be published in the Diary of Grace you will be contacted by a member of the staff team beforehand.

Thank you for your participation.

"Diary of Grace": explanation from the Rector of the Sanctuary, Father Cabes

"A well-known fact: it’s never announced in the press that a train has arrived on time without incident. For it to be news there has to be a disaster. We only talk about the sick, never the healthy and rarely of a healing. Yet, in Lourdes, it is the healing which is contagious. The miraculous healing of a body, but even that is only ephemeral. The more fundamental healing of our hearts which are open to eternity or the happiness in the next life promised to Bernadette. It seemed to us that a journal kept on Lourdes should inform us of news of God, of the Good News and His project of healing and redemption. Jesus echoes this in the Gospel: ‘I did not come to call the righteous but the sick and the sinners.’ The Sanctuary firstly, and all those who come to visit it, should let themselves be converted to this desire of God: join the most humble hearts and experience with them the joy of sharing this eternal limitless love: His Mercy! His spirit breathes, offering consolation: visiting us, being rejoiced and transformed by Him. Let us welcome these daily graces and, like Mary with her mature cousin Elizabeth, or in Lourdes with the young Bernadette, share it with them." Father André Cabes