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A unique Tourist Office


Situated at the foot of the castle (château fort), the Lourdes Tourist Office is an amazing place. We paid it a visit. A dozen people are there to welcome, inform, and promote Lourdes. Francine Giles explains: "We welcome mainly excursionists, that is to say, individuals or families who are there for the day. Their first question is invariably the same:" Where is the Grotto?". And the second is often: "what else can we do?”. Our job is to listen carefully so that we may direct them towards what may suit them best.

"The reception area sees more than 55,000 visitors each year with the distinction of a multilingual reception guaranteed! Upstairs, are the offices where the background work is done: information on social networks, the smartphone application and website, which enables us to talk on behalf of Lourdes and ensure it is talked about worldwide.

Office de tourisme de Lourdes

Tél : +33 (0)5 62 42 77 40 –