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Beyond borders - Lourdes on American television


There is an ocean between North America and the South of France, and yet more than 10,000 Ameri­can pilgrims do not hesitate to cross the Atlantic each year to come to the Grotto of Lourdes. Whether valid or disabled, whether they come alone or accompanied by the US national pilgrim­age, by the Order of Malta or the unique United States Hospitality of the Lourdes Volunteers, the Americans bring to their prayer the very special fervour of their great devotion to the Virgin Mary. Their great attachment to the French Marian city also appears in more than a thou­sand places of worship that have been named after Our Lady of Lourdes. Anoth­er sign of the enthusiasm of American Catholics: the Catholic television EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) retransmits a med­itated Rosary in English, given by a Chaplain of Lourdes, from the Grotto every Sunday.