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57th international military pilgrimage - "What have you done with your brother?"

From 15th to 17th May the 57th Inter­national Military Pilgrimage will gather 12 000 military personnel from 36 countries. It is presided over by Mgr Luc Ravel, Bishop for the French ar­mies and under the direction of the Chaplain, Father Arnault Berrone. Its theme : "What have you done with your brother?" is inspired by the sermon of Pope Francis, given last September, in the Italian cemetery of Redipuglia where some 100 000 soldiers who died during the First World War are buried. The Holy Father explained: "At the roots of evil lies the indifference which allowed Cain to say 'What do I care? Am I my brother’s keeper?' (Genesis 4,9). In fact, this attitude is the opposite of the message of Jesus, who teach­es us that 'he who takes care of the brother en­ters into the joy of the Lord'". He wanted to remind us that each person is a crafts­man of Peace. In Lourdes, the sport­ing challenge of the pilgrimage, with international mixed teams (able-bodied and handicapped), will conclude with a parachute jump, Saturday 16th May in the afternoon. With members of the Hospitality of Our Lady of the Armies, the pilgrims of the IMP will pray par­ticularly for the wounded, the sick of the military community and comrades who died in battle.