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The water

Eau de Lourdes

On Thursday 25th February 1858, the Virgin Mary asked Bernadette "Go drink at the spring and wash yourself there." This invitation is for all of us.

The water of Lourdes is not to be confused with holy Water. It's normal water, slightly calcareous, comparable to any other water from similar springs.It has no thermal virtue or specific property. It's completely independent from the Gave de Pau. An underground pipe drives this water to the baths and the water points of the Grotto.

The water of Lourdes has become popular because of the miracles. 50 official miracles are apparently linked to the use of this water, no matter if it has been drunk or used as a bath. Men have created the fountains, the baths and the way of the water.

In the catholic faith, God heals through the natural elements and the sacraments, with the help of the Virgin Mary and the prayer of the Christians. Consequently, this water is a sign and not a fetish. Bernadette Soubirous has said : “This water is considered as a drug... but you have to keep the faith and pray : this water couldn't do anything without faith!”.

The water of Lourdes is also the sign of baptism. Everytime someones makes the gesture of water, it gives a new meaning to ones life . A heart purifies and gets free.

A quote from the Bible, dealing with water

"anyone who drinks the water that I shall give will never thirst again: the water that I shall give will turn into a spring within them, welling up to eternal life."
                         (John 4:14)

You can get some water of Lourdes at home:

In the Sanctuary, the Water of Lourdes Shipping Service is the one and only service to achieve this. The apllicant only pays the postage and packing.  Of course, the water of Lourdes is freely available at the Grotto itself or at the fountains close to the candles.

Please note that a decision was made by the Sanctuary Council that from now on the maximum amount of water that can be ordered by an individual will be 2 litres.

Service d'expédition d'eau de Lourdes

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame de Lourdes
1 avenue Mgr Théas
65108 Lourdes Cedex (France)
Tél. : +33 (0)5 62 42 78 78 (demander le poste 63 22)
Send an e-mail (Warning : don't forget to write your complete mailing address in the form,  in the field "Message", to make sure you get your water)