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The rock

Lourdes toucher le rocher

Many people touch the rock of the Grotto. Not because of a supposed magical energy. In fact, touching the rock represents the accolade of God, solid as a rock. This sign of the rock, in the Bibleand in the christian tradition, is particularly rich.

Back in history, grottos have always been used as natural shelters and they have struck human imagination. In Massabielle, such as in Bethleem or Gethsemani, the rock of the grotto is a supernatural place. Even if she was uneducated, Bernadette knew it instinctively: “ That was my sky”, she said. In front of that rock, you are invited to transcend your everyday life. Just walk across this natural shelter and see how the rock has been  polished by so many hands stroking it.

The Bible tells us that God is our rock. He is the rock on whom we can rely.

"My God is the rock where I take refuge. Long life to the Lord, my rock"

(Psalm 18(17))