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Fundamental texts

Our Lady of Lourdes


“The Almighty has done great things for me!”  

The Magnificat of Hope


Pastoral theme 2017

Pastoral theme 2017

The pastoral theme of the pilgrimage 2017...

Pastoral theme 2016

Pastoral theme 2016

The pastoral theme of the pilgrimage 2016...

The 1957 encyclical

The 1957 encyclical

Pie XII celebrates Lourdes in a pastoral letter for the 100th anniversary of the Apparitions.

"Love is the main thing"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : the 13th September 2008 speech during the torchlight procession.

"Loved by God"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : 14th Septembre 2008 homily during the mass of the glorious cross.

"At Mary's feet"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : 14th  September 2008 during the Glorious Cross celebration.

"The taste of God"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : message to the french Bishops, on 14th September 2008.

"Jesus, you're here"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : eucharistic meditation on 14th September 2008.

"Mary's smile"

Benoît XVI in Lourdes : 15th September 2008 homily, with the sick pilgrims.

"Be free !"

Jean-Paul II in Lourdes :15th August 2004 homily, on the Sanctuary meadow.

"Love your life"

Jean-Paul II in Lourdes : message to the youth, on 15th August 1983  in the Saint-Pie X basilica.

"Close to Mary"

Jean-Paul II in Lourdes : 15th August 1983 homily on the Sanctuary meadow.