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Bulletin of the International Medical Association of Lourdes

Dr de Franciscis

SUMMARY OF N° 337 - February 2017

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  • The joy of serving the sick in Lourdes – A. de Franciscis    p. 1
  • Homage to Danila Castelli – M. Botta (I)  p. 4
  • Functional Recovery – L. Lazzarini (I)  p. 6
  • From Trino to Lourdes, 1.000 kilometers on foot – P. Croce and M. (I)  p. 8
  • From professional work to volunteer service – E. C. Storace (I)  p. 10
  • I was in prison and I went to see the Holy Virgin – A. Lopez de Arkaute (E)  p. 11
  • Internship in Lourdes – M. Dujarrier and L. Malafosse (F)  p. 13
  • Our Internship in Lourdes 2016 – R. Zermati and A. Delhay (F)  p. 14
  • Letters to the Editor
      - Reaction to the article of M. Harrington – I. Donnelly (IRL)  p. 16
      - The difficulties of accompanying to Lourdes small parish groups – M. Cristina RUSSO (I)  p. 17
  • Books – A. de Franciscis  p. 19
  • Diary  p. 22




The Bulletin of the International Medical Association of Lourdes

The Bulletin of the Lourdes International Medical Association is published for medical doctors and professors. It is published in four languages: French, Italian, Spanish and English.

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