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The intact body in Nevers

Bernadette Soubirous30 years after her death, the cause of the Beatification of Bernadette required that her body be exhumed.
When it was exhumed in September 1909, April 1919 and again in April 1925 it was found intact. Since 3rd August 1925 the body of Bernadette is preserved in a shrine in the chapel of what was known as the Convent of St. Gildard of Nevers. It is now known as "Espace Bernadette Soubirous – Nevers".


Visage de sainte Bernadette, dans sa châsse, à Nevers

The body of Bernadette is, according to doctors, "mummified". Only a few relics have been removed. A very thin film of wax has been laid on her face and hands and moulded directly onto her features.

Coming to reflect before the body of Bernadette, the pilgrim sees, to-day, the face that 18 times looked on the Virgin Mary, the hands that, at the request of the Blessed Virgin, had scraped the ground and allowed the spring to flow at the back of the Grotto, the lips that related the words of the Immaculate Virgin and the Message of Lourdes.







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A reliquary in the sanctuary of Lourdes

There is, in Lourdes, a reliquary containing a relic of the saint, one of the ribs, at the altar of St. Joseph in the Crypt. On the feast of St. Bernadette, 18th. February, the relics are carried in procession through the town from the Parish Church to the Grotto.